Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but love is still thick in the air… Oh, wait, that could just be all the marijuana smoke! Regardless of whether it’s love or cannabis that makes couples gush and feel on top of the world, when the two are combined, they sure can help to strengthen what is an already healthy relationship. And here’s why:

Enjoying weed together reduces the occurrence of domestic violence

In 2014 Kenneth Leonard, PhD, and director of the University of Buffalo Research Institute of Addictions, led a study into the effects that cannabis use has on relationships. He revealed that

“The findings suggest… marijuana use is predictive of lower levels of aggression towards one’s partner… It is possible, for example, that — similar to a drinking partnership — couples who use marijuana together may share similar values and social circles, and it is this similarity that is responsible for reducing the likelihood of conflict.”

It’s certainly true that weed is wonderful at making people feel more relaxed, especially if you pack your bong with herb from the sub-species Indica, smoking which can often lead even the most stalwart of stoners into such a mellow state that they’re bordering on falling asleep. So it makes sense that if you’re a couple who enjoy smoking marijuana, or consuming cannabis edibles together, at least three times a month, the more likely you are to avoid having nasty arguments, and getting into fisticuffs.


If you share a love of cannabis, you bond better as a couple

High levels of marital satisfaction come from making time for each other, and couples who spend more time in one another’s company, enjoying mutual interests and passions, will continue to go out and have fun together, much longer than couples who don’t. Enjoying cannabis as a couple can turn an interest into a hobby, one that you can bond over, and because the cannabis industry is always changing, and there’s so much to learn, try and experience, you’re never, ever going to get bored or not have anything to talk about.

Marijuana helps alleviate your anxiety and opens you up emotionally

THC is the main element in weed which makes you feel so darn awesome. That’s because it mimics the body’s natural bliss molecules, the anandamides, and they’re the things which help you to improve your mood. When you smoke or eat cannabis, you’re letting the THC sky-rocket the effect these bliss molecules have on your body, so instead of an average up-lift in your mood, what you actually get is, near-enough, a feeling of pure euphoria. Anxiety decreases, depression decreases, and you’re less likely to feel jealous or angry. Enjoying weed together can also help couples see things in a different perspective much more easily, and they can usually discuss feelings more openly.

“I’ve definitely had patients tell me that when they smoke they feel more open emotionally.”

– Dr. Julie Holland, editor of The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis

Weed can work wonders in the bedroom

For some couples, smoking or munching on marijuana before having sex can make lovemaking more sensual. It also helps both partners feel less body-conscious, more confident, and able to really lose themselves in the moment and just enjoy real and passionate sex. Being self-conscious, bashful and insecure can prevent genuine intimacy, but enjoying weed together cures this.

In studies which spanned 20 years, it was revealed that couples who smoked cannabis reported enhanced touch, heightened intimacy, stronger orgasms and better sex in general.

It’s important to note that light to moderate marijuana use in men improves sexual desire, while higher doses may have the opposite effect, so beware that too much of a good thing can actually put a damper on your bedroom antics!


If you enjoy marijuana, you’re a loyal partner and a self-less romantic, a dating site for pot lovers, conducted a survey that revealed that cannabis connoisseurs were incredibly virtuous, both in romantic relationships and in everyday life.

When it came to cheating in relationships, the majority of respondents were against it. Only 2 percent of users said they would cheat even if they knew they would not get caught.

When it came to sex, the cannabis-loving respondents were equally noble. When asked if they were concerned with their own orgasm or their partners, 77.8 percent of respondents said their partner’s pleasure was more important to them.

So it seems that morality and marijuana go hand-in-hand!

To sum it up then, if couples enjoy weed together, they stay together, and these beautiful buds can help couples bond and strengthen their relationship. What do you think? We’d love to know!


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