Bongs have been around for, well, absolutely ages. It stands to reason. Tobacco and cannabis have been around for absolutely ages too, and humans, once we realized that we could smoke the stuff, began devising ways in which we could toke on it. Our ancient ancestors, with an ingenuity that Steve Jobs would have envied, conducted experiments with the unbreakable focus and willpower that only stoners rolling a fatty for an eagerly awaiting crowd of potheads know, and they created a humble water-filtered inhaler which they could use over and over again to enjoy all manner of substances.

But why did the bong become a champion of cannabis and how have they changed the way in which we enjoy weed?

Bongs are simple

You don’t need a lot of experience to be able to set up and enjoy a bong. It’s so easy that you could teach your Grandma how to load and blaze.


They’re re-usable

Unlike reefers and blunts, the bong can be used time and time again with no muss, or fuss. Even when the bong water is turning a deep brown, you can still smoke with it. And even if you empty it and you’re far away from any source of H2O, you can still smoke with it. What you’ll have then my friend is a pretty fancy and preposterously large hand pipe.

You can start blazing in no time

Making joints can be quite tedious, and there are some stoners who couldn’t make a decent reefer if their life depended on it. I for one, am one of those people. I’m rubbish at rolling a half-decent spliff, let alone one that fills you with a sense of accomplishment and pride. But with a bong, you just load it, heat it, and away you go. There’s no having to hunt around for papers, there’s no need to surreptitiously cut out a strip of roach from your partner’s favorite magazine, there’s no need to get the evil tobacco out, and there’s no real need for you to grind your bud.

You can personalize it

We love customizing things. We do it for our cars, our cell phones, our houses, our hair, and yes, even our bongs. We can decorate them with decals and we can even give them names. Doing all this makes toking a more personal and enjoyable experience. It’s pretty hard to personalize a joint, unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Even then, your wonderful creation is just going to go up in smoke in a matter of minutes.

It’s a social thing

Puff, puff, pass. Using bongs is a pleasurable social experience which harks back to the days when our ancestors would sit around a fire with like-minded people, having a chat, enjoying a smoke, and just generally mellowing out after a long, hard day. Sure, there would have been occasions where ye olde stoners just wanted to get as high as possible, but the important thing is, they liked doing it with other people and that tradition has carried on through the ages.

It gives you a much better hit than a joint, blunt, fatty or pipe

When you smoke a joint, you take long, slow drags of it. The cannabis smoke has to make its way through a whole lot of tightly packed green and tobacco. Consequently, each little draw can make your throat itch, because the smoke coming through the reefer is hot, and the hit you get can be quite weak, unless of course you made a fatty. Let me put it this way. If you roll a .5 joint and it takes you 15 puffs to finish it, you’re only getting 0.3333 grams per hit. If you have a .3 bowl which you finish in 3 hits, you’re getting a .1 gram hit. So yeah, bongs give quicker, stronger and tastier buzzes. They also give you a nice, cool and smooth draw too. That’s because the cannabis smoke is cooled when it travels through or over the water in the bong, which reduces its temperature and the harshness on your throat and lungs.

So to sum it up, bongs are pretty special. They’ve changed the way in which we enjoy weed because it’s a pretty high impact method of toking. Using a water pipe really brings out the tasty flavors of your flowers, oils and concentrates, and not much of the THC or CBD is lost in the process. You can share bongs with friends, they’re super simple to use, it takes no effort at all, you absorb the THC and CBD straight into your lungs, and they can be reused over and over again, even if you don’t have any water. Brilliant. Where did i put mine…..?