Reviewing the "32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe" by Grav Labs
Simple but intelligent designExtremely good qualityGood filtrationSmooth and powerful hits
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Bit of a breaking news situation with this one. We have one of the very first examples of the new 32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe from Grav Labs. In keeping with our recent habit of looking at the more diminutive end of the smoking glass spectrum, this bong is the smallest beaker based offering from the very talented guys and gals in Austin, Texas. Following in the footsteps of its larger brothers and sisters, the 32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe is the first rig from Grav to showcase their new proprietary geometric ice pinch. As keen followers of any advances and innovations in marijuana smoking mechanics, we took it upon ourselves to see if this miniature and updated version of the previous Beaker Bases was worthy of the Grav name.

Price:               TBC                  Manufacturer: Grav Labs
Made in:         USA                 Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height:            10″
Joint type:      Female
Available in different colors: TBC
Can add accessories:            Yes

First Impressions

Just like its bigger brothers and sisters, the 32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe from Grav Labs is a fine looking piece of glass. As it has literally just cooled down, fresh from being blown, we don’t have any information on prices, but looking at the larger versions and similar sized pieces from Grav Labs, we would expect to pay anything from $80 to $100 for this piece. The neck is long and straight, with a decent sized conical chamber at the bottom. The flared shape of the beaker, combined with the weight of the glass, offers a very stable base, it’d take one hell of an epic mishap to knock this thing over. It’s a bit of a heavyweight for a piece of its size, but that just adds to the overall quality.

32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe2


The Beaker Base is the essence of the Grav Labs inspired style, this bong has been distilled to its most simplest and purest form. It’s a straightforward borosilicate glass beaker with an elongated straight up neck and a stem inserted into the base. Unlike other Grav creations, this small bong has been created with a new, slightly thicker glass, which gives it a substantial feel. It also has a thickened mouthpiece, albeit in a slightly narrower gauge than in any of its larger versions. All these little details really matter, and it is fantastic that Grav Labs have listened to customer feedback and have created a small bong from all the really great details of their previous creations. The 32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe has also been kitted out with a completely new ice catch system that bears no relation whatsoever to its older siblings, you can see both radical innovation and evolution at work here. If these guys had studied astrophysics instead of glassblowing we would all probably be living on the moon. The long neck of the Beaker Base has a gorgeous Grav decal on the front and leads the eye down to the bowl and on to the stem. The piece we received came with a glass bowl and combined stem which terminates into a four hole diffuser. The whole bowl and stem arrangement can be removed and replaced with a dome and nail with an attached stem, to allow the user to enjoy oils and concentrates.


Just like St Winifred’s School Choir sang all those years ago, “there’s no-one quite like Grav Labs”… Okay, no they didn’t, but when it comes to taking the ancient art of glassblowing and bringing it bang up to date, there really is no-one quite like Grav Labs. This piece once again shows the commitment to premium materials and the obsession with quality that lifts Grav above its competitors. The mouthpiece is smooth and perfectly round, the neck is perfectly true, and the finish to each and every part of the product, from the holes in the diffuser to the decal on the front, is second to none. The first rate workmanship is obvious from the first moment you set eyes on it.


The long narrow neck of the pipe keeps your lips well away from the bubbling water, and the conical Beaker Base shape in itself is effective in preventing water splashes. We found that the new geometric ice pinch adds a whole new dimension to this bong. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with the older catches, the ice pinch in the new 32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe is a revelation. The angular lump in the throat of the Beaker bares no relation to the disc type solution found on the larger versions. It not only improves the splash protection, but the recessed indent in the back of the main chamber also acts as a comfortable space for the thumb to fit whilst using the pipe. This makes for a very secure grip on the piece when in full bubble. The enhanced splash protection that this design has also means that you can fill this bong with a large amount of water which can be used to provide maximum cooling and filtration without the risk of getting splash-back. It is clear that this is a well thought out piece of kit.

32mm Beaker Base Water Pipe Collage


The bowl is of an adequate size for most users and you can get a very satisfying and powerful hit. The volume of water you can use in this pipe, coupled with the very clever ice pinch design, makes for a very enjoyable smoking experience. We dropped a couple of ice cubes into the neck and are pleased to report that they sat nicely on top of the pinch and added an extra blast of coolness before that gorgeous thick smoke filled our lungs. Adding some ice as the designers intended is definitely recommended if you want to get the maximum rewards from the use of this piece. Once again, Grav Labs gets it right.

Ease to clean

Straightforward. Scrub with isopropyl alcohol, and give it a good rinse over with washing up liquid to keep it shining. No problems.

The Good

  • Simple but intelligent design
  • Extremely good quality
  • Good filtration
  • Smooth and powerful hits

The Bad

  • Err…

Should you buy it?

The 32mm Beaker Base Water pipe is an excellent addition to any smokers collection, especially for those who really appreciate a cool, powerful hit. This bong could certainly become a classic. If you like to keep up with latest tech in tokin’-glass then you will probably be wanting one of these. Highly recommended.