Reviewing the "Glass Blunt" by Grav Labs
PortableSmooth, flavorful hitsSimple design
Rolls on a smooth surfaceUnfiltered smoke can be harsh to some
4.5Overall Score
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Price:              $12 – $24               Manufacturer: Grav Labs
Made in:         USA                       Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height:            Approx. 3″ closed / 5″ fully extended
Available in different colors: Yes
Can add accessories: Limited

Having tested some of the more elaborate offerings from the designers at Grav Labs recently, we thought it was about time we got back to basics. We asked if they had anything a little more traditional we could get our hands on. Being Grav, we knew we would be getting some primo quality glass, but what form would it take? Straight bubbler, chillum, or something completely new from those twisted, vapor stained minds?

“Try our blunt” they said.

“A blunt?” we said, “a glass….blunt?”

“Trust us” they said, and handed us this….

Glass Blunt by Grav Labs

First Impressions

Straightaway we all loved the look of it. Neat and glossy, it sits lovely in the hand. It’s lightweight, but feels solid, like a decent pen or a quality pair of sunglasses. It’s round, so it does roll on a smooth surface, and although the glass is very durable, it is still glass. The decals on the outer tube are always going to be susceptible to damage from scratches, so a case or sleeve of some kind to protect it would be a nice addition.


A sleek, simple tube of thick, borosilicate glass, half an inch across and roughly 3 inches long, with Grav’s trademark, crisp decal running down one side. You have an outer tube, open at one end, and with a tight rubber seal at the other, which holds an inner tube in place. The inner tube is also made of the same glass used in all Gravs pieces. The inner tube terminates in a spherical mouth piece which slides out of the outer tube to increase the capacity of the “blunt”. As the name and appearance suggests, the design is based on a joint. You light one end, and suck the other. The difference with the Glass Blunt from Grav Labs, instead of a normal joint, is that you have the great pleasure of watching the smoke curl and flow around and through the ground herb, down the inner tube, before disappearing out of sight into your lungs. The only real issue with the design that we saw, was that the blunt was prone to roll away if placed on an angled surface. A small ridge or bump anywhere on the outer surface of the tube, or on the rubber seal would have remedied this and we felt that this was a rare oversight on the part of the designers at Grav Labs.


For more than a decade now Grav Labs have been combining science with the art of glassblowing. They really have a deep understanding of the needs and tastes of us smokers, and they’ve always managed to create some of the most advanced and beautiful glassware we have ever seen. Obsessive attention to detail and a commitment to the very best materials and manufacturing processes mean that this Glass Blunt is a trusty tool for cannabis connoisseurs all around the world. Laboratory grade borosilicate glass and the smooth, engineered rubber seal make this piece stand out from the crowd of pocket sized portables.


One thing we noticed immediately when testing the Glass Blunt was the amount of ground herb you can stuff in there. A couple of grams will easily fit in the main tube when the inner tube is fully extended. We packed the blunt, applied fire and with a couple of deep draws the Grav Labs Glass Blunt was in action. Like any blunt, the degree of compaction and the “fineness” of the grind will dictate how “loose” or “tight” the draw is, and can therefore be tailored to most tastes by varying the amount of herb packed in and experimenting with less finely ground material. By a process of trial and error, the third or fourth blunt we put together was an absolute delight. Fairly roughly ground herb, which was well compacted, produced a draw that was smooth, consistent, and full of flavor.

Glass Blunt Collage


Puffing on the blunt, we all agreed that the flavors were particularly intense when compared with a tobacco leaf reefer, or a paper joint made with the same quantity of marijuana. We put this down to the purity of the smoke. No paper, no tobacco, and the fact that the Glass Blunt is almost completely airtight, means that no air is mixed in, which makes for a purer smoke. We also thought that when the glass heats up and spreads further down the outer tube, the intense flavors may also come from the vaporization of the terpenes which are in direct contact with the hot tube, before the heat is sufficient for combustion to begin. As ever, extensive further testing is required to investigate this. I don’t think Grav will be getting this one back any time soon…..

Ease to clean

Couldn’t be easier as there are no fiddly parts to deal with. Just dismantle it, soak in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes, and give it a scrub with a plastic pipe cleaner. I always give smoking glass a good scrub with washing up liquid too as I find it gives a better sheen than alcohol alone.

The Good

  • Endlessly portable
  • Grav Labs quality
  • Choice of colored decals
  • Smooth, flavorful hits
  • Simple design

The Bad

  • Can roll off a smooth surface
  • Unfiltered smoke can be harsh for some
  • No cover or case

Should you buy it?

Opinions varied, none strongly against. For me, I absolutely loved it. With one of these you never need worry about rolling papers again. As a committed joint smoker I found it a delight to use. I hadn’t come across one before and just thought it was a great idea, so easy to use, so convenient. Others among our test team found the unfiltered smoke a little harsh, but in the end its down to personal taste. Those who didn’t enjoy it so much agreed that it was a very useful piece of kit to have around for emergencies. Whether as a regular part of your smoking routine, or as the ultimate emergency “no papers” go to piece, we think that the Glass Blunt from Grav Labs is definitely one for the collection.