Reviewing the "Icee Cup" by Grav Labs
Unique DesignUSA Made QualityOil or Flower Attachments
Straw Stem Might be Fragile
4.5Overall Score
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Price:              $100                Manufacturer: Grav Labs
Made in:         USA                 Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height:            10.5″
Joint type:      14.5mm female
Available in different colors: Yes – black, blue or white
Can add accessories: Yes

First Impressions

It’s pretty common knowledge that Grav Labs are artisans of their craft, after all, they’ve spent over a decade doing what they love, and what they love is making a truly top-notch bong. They are to water pipes as Leonardo da Vinci is to art, and their high quality, totally unique products never fail to impress even the stubbornest of stalwart stoners. However…

When we first got our hands on the Icee Cup, we were bemused. It’s a slushie cup… Then we were delighted, it’s a slushie cup! It reminded us of warm summers, long ago, in a park somewhere quiet, toking on a reefer. It made us smile… But then we were worried, because, c’mon man, it’s a bong, made to look like a slushie cup!

If you were to line the Icee Cup up with a selection of other water pipes, it would be like Kim Kardashian attending a reception honoring brain surgeons. She might get a lot of attention, but there’s a slight suspicion that she won’t know her medulla oblongata from her temporal lobe.

So, yes, you could say that we were worried that the Icee Cup was just a novelty piece, but boy, oh boy, were we ever wrong!



After our brief initial bemusement, we did fall quickly in love with this cute ‘n’ quirky bong. It’s smooth, it’s sleek and you can’t help but smile when you look at it. The female option we tried out had the flower bowl attachment, but there is also a male option with a dome and nail for use with oils and concentrates. The bowl sits directly atop the stem which leads straight down to the bottom of the bubbler. The “straw” is the neck, and you just suck on it, and the magic begins! There are a range of options aside from the male and female bowl/nail choice; you can choose colored, clear or diffused glass for the stem and for the straw, and black or white accents on the body of the piece itself. I will admit there were a few sets of eyes rolling when we pulled this out for testing, some questioning immediately if this was a serious piece of kit or just a novelty. The only way to know for sure was to fire that baby up. So we did….


All of the traits that make Grav Labs so brilliant are still here in this wacky water pipe. It’s strong, sturdy and made of thick, scientific glass, so you know it’s durable. The straw is clearly the weak point from a durability point of view, so extra care would be required when using this piece of kit.


The Icee Cup is a pretty easy bong to use. You can fit up to a gram of bud into the female flower bowl with room to spare, and you can swap this out for a male dome and nail, with no fuss or muss. Its four hole diffused down stem is great for giving you a cool, smooth draw, and the more water you put in the Icee Cup, the cooler the smoke gets, because the water is being pulled all the way through. Unlike a lot of other bongs, the Icee Cup has angled sides, which is one of the attributes which makes it quite novel. We can’t make up our minds whether this is incredible design insight on the part of Grav Labs, or just lucky coincidence, but due to the outward sloping walls, the water seems to splash outwards rather than upwards into the neck, and even under very vigorous use (some of our testers have iron lungs) we felt confident throughout that none of that smelly water would make the leap into up into the straw and on into our mouths. This is no mean feat with a water pipe whose chamber is no more than 7 inches high. It’s wide vase is very stable, so unless you’re really clumsy you’re not going to get any spills. You can even put it in the freezer for a few minutes for the real Icee Cup Experience!



Even though you’ll need a mighty set of lungs on you to clear the Icee Cup if you fill that bowl to the top, the draw you do get is very smooth, surprisingly so for a small water pipe. When it comes to taste, we found that using the dome and nail adapter made for flavorful draws. Using oils with the Icee Cup concentrates all the flavors very nicely, as the oils milk up and pack one heck of a punch. No water ever got into the neck, even when hitting the biggest bowls.

Ease to clean

Incredibly simple, there are only a handful of components and none of them have hard to reach places that can gam up.

The Good

  • Unique, quirky design
  • Grav Labs quality
  • Choice of colours and accents
  • Choice of oil or flower attachments
  • Smooth, clean hits

The Bad

  • Straw style stem possibly a little fragile
  • Nothing else we found

Should you buy it?

Hell yes!

If you’re looking for your next chief go-to bong, this is it. It’s a handy size, comfortable to hold, a pleasure to use and easy to clean. It gives you a truly yummy hit that has a bit of welly behind it, but best of all, it’s a conversation starter. A must for any pot head’s collection.