Reviewing the "Sherlock Pipe" by Grav Labs
Value for moneyLightweight and portableQuirky design
Limited coolingZero filtration
4.5Overall Score
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Price:              $18                         Manufacturer: Grav Labs
Made in:         USA                       Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height:            6″ (also available in 4″)
Available in different colors: Yes
Can add accessories: No

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. The Sherlock Pipe is the latest offering from the masters of glass at Grav Labs. Still doing now what they began in 2004 – taking scientific grade glass and twisting it into some of the finest smoking devices we have ever seen – they continue to go from strength to strength. 

In today’s review we are downsizing and going mobile. We’ve all been there, you’re stressed out, dying for a hit from a bong, as you try to get to a big, important meeting two cities over, on a packed train full of other commuters who don’t seem to understand what personal space is. Or what about those ‘fun’ occasions when you’re forced to spend ‘quality time’ with the in-laws during the holiday period with no access to a bong to mellow you out? No thanks, we’d rather keep all our hair and our nerves intact, thank you very much.

It doesn’t matter how organized a cannabis consumer you are, there will be times when it simply isn’t practical to take your twin perc, spiral recycler with the glycerin precooler along with you, to help you relax and cool your beans. We understand how stressful it can be to be separated from your favorite piece of smoking hardware, so we decided we ought to investigate some more portable options, discreet enough for a crafty hit, anytime, anywhere. 

First Impressions

The Sherlock Pipe from Grav Labs may come as a surprise to those of you who are used to a more clinical looking device from Grav. It is true that they are renowned globally for their use of scientific glass, and many of their pieces wouldn’t look out of place in an operating theater or in a chemistry lab, but in their hearts they are glassblowers who love their art. Inspired by the Great Detective’s famous aid to help deduce things, the Sherlock Pipe is an example of that art. Simple and beautiful, the specimen we received was the Large Green model. It is available in two sizes, small (4″) and large (6″), and up to seven different colors. Its an attractive pipe that would fit easily in most pockets. Yes it is glass, but it looks and feels very solid. The bowl also looked very generous so we decided to stop taking notes and start packing bowls….

Sherlock Pipe 2


The classic pipe shape has been modified and refined by the craftsmen at Grav Labs, gently morphing the traditional rounded base of the pipe bowl into two raised ridges as it folds and narrows into the neck of the pipe. This allows the pipe to be placed flat and stable on a surface for loading. The neck narrows as you move away from the bowl but then widens again into a bulb-type mouthpiece. Being translucent means that its appearance constantly changes depending on the light levels, and it is a genuinely attractive object to look at,  it almost has a liquid property about it. With no straight edges or corners it seems to flow across the table in front of you, it makes you want to pick it up to look at it more closely and see how it feels. The bowl appears generous for a pipe of this size and that’s perfect if you have a particularly complex mystery to unravel and need those extra moments of contemplation. But do not fret, there is also nothing stopping you being sociable and passing it on to your Watson.


No surprises here. Grav’s name speaks for itself and that reputation sings out from this wonderful little piece. Smooth, lustrous borosilicate, but instead of that cold surgical feel we’re used to from Gravs techno(pot)head offerings, this seems more luxurious, like a brandy glass in a gentleman’s club, or a fine crystal vase. It’s the same stuff at a molecular level but the fact that the same material can produce such differing experiences is testament to the know-how at Grav Labs.


There are advantages and disadvantages with a simple pipe such as the Sherlock Pipe from Grav Labs. Portability; ease and speed of use, affordability, yep, these are all advantages. The disadvantages; no or limited cooling mechanism, and no or limited filtration. We found the pipe pleasant to use, as long as you paced yourself and took steady pulls. Rushing and trying to “clear the bowl in one”, whilst giving a powerful unfiltered and flavorsome hit, could, for some, be quite harsh on the throat. This is due to the lack of any means of cooling the smoke between burning the cherry in the bowl and your sensitive breathing parts. Saying that, the nature of the blown glass is such that the Sherlock Pipe has a relatively large air volume inside compared to a wooden pipe of the same overall dimensions, so this does allow a little extra space and time for the smoke to swirl and cool before passing into your lungs. The mouthpiece is comfortable and doesn’t become hot under normal use.

Sherlock Pipe Collage


In terms of “on the go” usability, the Sherlock Pipe proved to be a great asset to the outdoors stoner. It will fit into most jacket pockets, and if it doesn’t, the smaller 4 inch version certainly will. With pre-ground bud we found that the Sherlock Pipe could be loaded and used almost anywhere, so long as you had some protection from the wind. However, get yourself one of those turbo windproof lighters and a chunk of bud, and you can literally smoke in a gale with this little beauty! Some would call it genius but for the wizards at Grav Labs this kind of thing is…….Elementary.

Ease to clean

Blow the ash out through the mouth piece by blowing down through the bowl. That should suffice for day to day.  A soak in isopropyl alcohol and a poke around with a pipe cleaner will do for a spring clean. Doesn’t get much easier than this.

The Good

  • You can pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes all day, every day!
  • Portability
  • Grav Labs quality
  • Huge range of colours
  • Stunning looks

The Bad

  • Limited cooling
  • Zero filtration

Should you buy it?

Go for it. It’s a lovely addition to any smokers collection. It wont break the bank and for the smoker on the move, the Sherlock Pipe is a great way to take a convenient conversation starting piece with you, wherever you go. It’s an attractive, portable piece of equipment that wont leave you looking like a crackhead if you leave it on the bedside table when the hotel cleaners come knocking.