Stemless Inset Showerhead Perc Vapor Bubbler by Grav Labs Review
Excellent price for a 6"High Quality Glass and Made in US
4.7Overall Score
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Price:              $100                Manufacturer: Grav Labs
Made in:         USA                 Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height:            6″
Joint type:      14.5mm female
Available in different colors: Yes – red, blue, green or black
Can add accessories:            Yes

First Impressions

Out of Austin, Texas, Grav Labs have been serious players in the world of high quality glass ever since they released their very first product, The Gravitron, way back in 2004. Since then, through their strong belief in innovation and the highest quality scientific grade glass, their range and reputation has grown exponentially. Now one of the leading names in quality accessories, they have expanded to offer a huge variety of premium smoking and vaping related equipment.

The piece we will be reviewing today is Grav Labs Stemless Inset Showerhead Perc Vapor Bubbler. It’s one of the smaller rigs from Grav, and having heard a lot of good things about the larger models in their range we thought it was about time we had a look at what the more diminutive creations from this respected maker have to offer the discerning vaper. Read on to find out how the scaled down version performs, who knows it might be just what you’ve been looking for.


Out of the box the first thing you notice is the glass. It radiates quality and feels solid and sturdy in the hand. Standing roughly 6 inches tall, it is a fairly simple, upright, rig starting with a domeless nail running down to a 14.5mm, 90 degree joint, which in turn leads to an inverted showerhead perc. Once the vapor has left the perc and has been filtered through the water in the single chamber, it travels up on through a curved neck to the eager lungs of the user. Simple but effective.


The piece is made from heavyweight, lab grade glass, made in the USA, and the version we received had been updated from the original spec, adding a domeless quartz nail, instead of the previous dome and nail. This adds a little more quality and should be more durable than the previous model. The logo decals are clean, crisp and bright and really add to the overall quality feel of the piece.


Functionality & Performance

The SPG Bubbler is very simple to use, just add water, dab, and IN-HALE!! The quartz nail heats quickly, and retains heat well. The perc is effective in ensuring the vapor passes through the maximum amount of water. Because it doesn’t hold a huge amount of H2o, the cooling/filtration factor is fairly limited, so it may not suit the bigger hitters amongst us. One potential problem/issue we did discover was that, because of its size, if you go hard on your hits and get that water really bubbling, you may find a few drops of water finding their way into the neck. I must add that at no point during testing did we actually experience water in the mouthpiece, so perhaps the angle of the curve in the neck has been designed in such a way that this never happens, longer term testing will clarify this. Grav Labs products are extensively tested prior to release so I would say it’s doubtful that this would become a serious problem under normal usage. Overall the hits we had were pleasant and relatively smooth for a bubbler of this size.

Ease of cleaning

Same old story, isopropyl alcohol scrub and a once over with a drop of washing up liquid and hot water to really make it shine. The percolator can be a bit fiddly so just pour some iso alcohol in and leave it for 10 minutes before you clean it, and it should come up like new. No other fiddly parts to get clogged or furred up so pretty straightforward all in all.

The Good

  • Premium materials; Quartz nail, Lab grade glass
  • Small size, portability
  • Clean looks
  • Choice of decal colour
  • Grav Labs reputation
  • Simple easy to clean design
  • Option to switch quartz nail fitting for flower bowl etc

The Bad

  • Maybe a little small for larger hands to use comfortably
  • Small size, less water = Less cooling/filtering; Perhaps a little harsh for some
  • Possibility, as with many smaller pieces, of water splashing up into the neck under vigorous usage. Although the curved neck should reduce this to some extent

Should you buy it?

It’s a well-made product from a name synonymous with quality. It comes fitted with the nail for all the concentrates fans out there but that can easily be swapped out for a flower bowl so you aren’t limited in your choice of fuel. Additional coolers or other accessories could also be added in between the nail and the body of the bubbler, so in that sense it is very versatile.

If you’re always on the move and want a decent portable piece from a trusted name, then this could be the rig for you, It’s simple, lightweight, runs on hardly any water, is very sturdy and most importantly, it’s lightweight and pretty discreet. On the flip side, if you’re more home based and are looking for the smoothest of smooth hits then you may want to look for something a little more substantial with a little more in the way of in built filtration. For the beginner looking to buy their first piece who wants quality without breaking the bank, then could be a great piece to kick start your collection.