Checking Out Chambers and Looking At Base Shapes

Last time, we learnt that the mouthpiece is the most important part of a bong because basically, that’s where the magic happens. This is the area of the bong where marijuana smoke escapes the water pipe and finds sanctuary deep down, inside our lungs. And we discovered that it’s called a mouthpiece for a reason, we put our germ-infested chops around this part every time we use a water pipe, so we learnt that it’s incredibly important to keep this section of a bong hygienically clean, all the time. Even though we stoners love sharing, no-one wants to catch bong flu from someone else! Anyway! Now that we know how to clear a bong, thanks to the mouthpiece, it’s time to pay a little more attention to where the smoke circulates inside the water pipe before it gets cleared.

So, in today’s lesson, we’re taking a closer look at chambers and base shapes.

What’s the difference between a bong base and a chamber?

Water pipes all have a base, and they typically come in three different shapes.


The Classic Beaker style bongs deliver a satisfying, roaring chug through the bottom of the water pipe when you inhale. These base types hold a high volume of smoke, and offer stoners with sizeable lungs a large, smooth hit.

The Tube style bongs deliver the traditional, hot-tub style bubbling that stoners love so much, and these bases offer users less drag and less resistance. The volume of smoke produced isn’t as much as it would be in the classic beaker style bong, but it’s denser. Therefore, smokers with a smaller lung capacity can still enjoy high-quality rips.

The Custom style bong bases offer a huge variety of different shapes and sizes to choose from. The dome shaped bases slow down the speed in which the smoke travels up towards the mouthpiece, the cup style bases mean less splash back, and typical recycler style bases offer a very light smoking experience.


A chamber is an additional section of a bong for marijuana smoke to pass through, and we think chambers are essential at upgrading a good bong into a great bong. Why? The more chambers you have on a water pipe, the more time the smoke has to cool down. Because each additional chamber should be filled with water, the smoke becomes purer, and that combined with its awesome new temperature, will give you an incredibly smooth hit.

Bongs with chambers are sold in Headshops as multi-chambered water pipes. You’ll find that a traditional straight tube, beaker style bong doesn’t automatically come with chambers, and you can’t add them as accessories to this type of piece either. However, if you’re looking for a super smooth hit, custom style bongs with their quirky bases are brilliant. They can be transformed using a cornucopia of accessories, so a creative stoner can construct an epic labyrinth for the cannabis smoke to travel through before it reaches their lungs.


Do bases and chambers really make that much of a difference?


The base shape helps you find the perfect bong, for the type of smoking experience you want to achieve. A water pipe with a beaker base is ideal for the veteran stoner with good, strong lungs who enjoy huge rips, and a bong with a tube base is more fitting for the Average Joe stoner who likes toking on potent pot, but who also likes having the peace of mind from knowing that they’ll be able to clear the strong hit in one go, with no chance of needing to chase the ghost.

If your bong comes with additional chambers or the water pipe allows you to interchange pieces so that you can add some, the cooler and smoother your hits are going to be. Depending on how many chambers your new bong has will dictate how large your lung capacity should be, so even if you see the most stunning nine-chambered bong, put it back, unless you’re certain you can clear it. Otherwise, it’s like owning a Formula One car, but being too scared to push yourself to the limit and drive very, very fast. You will never, ever get the most out of your bong if you can’t clear it.

In our next lesson, we’ll be “Focusing on Filtration.” Class dismissed!