Adding Accessories

Last time, we focused on filtration, and we learned how brilliant percolators are at making a bong rip cooler, smoother, cleaner and tastier than ever before. Because percs are so perfect at improving a stoners water pipe experience, we suggested that everyone, yes, even you, should consider buying a bong which has some sort of filtration device in it, or at least, a bong which you can attach one to. This actually brings us on nicely to our final lesson, accessories.

Today, we’re going to learn all about the different attachments you can buy for your water pipe.

Accessories for water pipes and dab rigs

On the whole, most bongs will come fully equipped with everything the stoner needs, but sometimes spare parts or additional accessories are required. Because many bongs have removable segments, it’s easy to transform your bong into a piece that matches your smoking requirements on that particular occasion.

Here’s an in-depth list of accessories you can add to your glass bong. Remember about joints from Lesson Three! If you have a water pipe, you need to look for accessories with a male joint, if you have a dab rig, you’re looking for female joints.

Ash catcher

Ash catcher

This is a chamber you can attach to your bong that not only adds an extra point of percolation, but it also catches the ashes from your flower bowl. It’s a great tool to make your hits smoother and both your lungs and your water pipe cleaner.



Chambers are extra obstacles for the marijuana smoke to travel through, and the more you have of them, the cooler and smoother your hit will be. As most additional chambers are filled with water, they’re also really going to help filter out unwanted debris and nasty particles. The photo above is a double chamber which has the added benefit of including a showerhead perc. This will slot nicely into your bong, making the bong base the third chamber.



Downstems are an integral piece of your bong, it helps the smoke travel down from your flower bowl, down into the liquid in the base of your water pipe. Most modern downstems are made to aid diffusion so you’ll find that in a lot of stems there are slits or holes all along the bottom of them.

Flower Bowl (a.k.a Slide)


This is the piece where you pack your pot, it’s commonly just referred to as a bowl. There are many different varieties of slide which exist, some include an ice pinch, or are diffused. When you’ve lit the cherry and start to feel that your lungs have shriveled to the size of walnuts, you whip out the bowl allowing air to rush into the bong which clears out all the smoke into the tube. Once you’ve enjoyed your rip, you tap the flower bowl’s ash into an ashtray, give it a quick brush out, and pack it again. It’s also worth mentioning that the most basic of bowls have one large hole at the bottom, which can often restrict airflow causing the water pipe to not reach its full potential. To cure this, use gauzes or filters.

Glass Carbon Filter with Gauze


To improve your smoke’s flavor, and to keep your water pipe free from filthy toxins and carcinogens, you should purchase a carbon filter to protect your bong water from unwanted dirt, ash, and residue. There are many different varieties of carbon filter, but the most typical look like the photograph above. This accessory sits under the flower bowl, and you fill the bubble in the middle with carbon stones, which, as you can see, sit on top of a metal screen (or gauze). The carbon works much like Febreeze, once the stones are activated by hot smoke rolling across them, they soak up smells and other unpleasant particles from the marijuana mist. The metal screen they rest on acts as another protective layer against ash falling into the water.

Glass Screens


If money is a bit tight and you can’t afford an ash catcher or carbon filter, another way to make sure the ash and dirt stay as far away from the water as possible is to drop a few glass screens into your flower bowl. Unlike typical metal gauzes or screens, these glass gauze won’t affect the flavor of your smoke, and they’re super easy to clean. If your flower bowl is one large opening, these little beauties are great at reducing the gap between bong and slice, which improves air flow.  They’re reusable and virtually unbreakable, and best of all, a pack of 5 costs less than $10.



These are essential for getting the smoke from A – at the bottom of your bong, to B – into your body. Mouthpieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so to get the most out of your mouthpiece you should pay close attention to its size and shape. The ideal width of a mouthpiece is no more than 2 inches across, and the best mouthpiece is the one you’ll feel most comfortable using every day. If you find that the new bong you want to buy has a gaping hole for a mouthpiece, and you think you might struggle to use it, you can even buy a rubber mouthpiece to fit snugly inside that canyon, as we saw in Lesson Five. Quite a few modern mouthpieces have holes or slits in their bases, much like you’d find on a downstem. This helps to give the smoke one last blast of diffusion and filtration before it reaches your lungs.

Nail (For Dab Rigs)


The nail is used to heat concentrates on an oil rig, and there’s a lot of debate about which material is best to use. After all, you’re heating this section of the rig to incredibly high temperatures. Experienced dabbers prefer titanium nails, they’re virtually indestructible and retain heat well, but other materials include glass, ceramic, and quartz. You can even buy something called an e-nail which heats up on its own to exact temperature specifications, so you don’t need a torch at all. If you want to buy a nail on its own, it’s always classed as domeless.

Oil Dome (For Dab Rigs)


This is a glass dome, a hood if you will, placed around a nail which is used to catch vapor while you are inhaling through your rig. It’s important because they’re safer than going domeless, and they help to hold in the vapor so you can inhale as much as possible.

Oil Skillet (For Dab Rigs)


The oil skillet, or swing, is a titanium pad connected to a wire which is wrapped around a glass funnel that connects to the rig. The pad is heated and used to vaporize oils and extracts. The funnel forces the vapor through to your water pipe.

Oil Slick Shield


The oil slick shield is basically a condom for your bong! It’s a great way to keep your water pipe free from the spread of germs. Made from medical grade silicone, these shields are reusable and a doddle to clean.



A pre-cooler is a chamber designed to swirl the smoke around as much as possible, making it as cool as possible, before it forces its way through the downstem and into the water. This chamber normally fits just under the bowl and if it’s filled with cool water, the smoke will become even cooler, hence the name! It’s another great accessory to use for filtering and cooling smoke. You can even buy a Glycerin Bong Cooler which isn’t as expensive as you might think. Just store it in the freezer until you’re ready to use your water pipe, and this accessory will blast the marijuana mist with an intensely cold temperature even before getting to the water.

Splash Guard


Exactly what it says on the tin! A splash guard helps to prevent water reaching the mouthpiece. You should place splash guards above any perc modules to keep the bubbling and splashing under control.

Check out Mastah Rolla’s video below for more information on accessories, and for inspiration to build some ridiculous looking pieces!

Do accessories really make that much of a difference?

I think you can guess what our answer is going to be… Yes!

Each accessory is designed to improve your smoking experience by cooling and filtering the smoke. The three main reasons why you should invest in accessories are:

  • The more chambers and accessories you use, the cleaner your bong, and your bong water are going to be
  • The more chambers and accessories you use, the cleaner, cooler, smoother and tastier your hits are going to be thanks to the smoking having to force its way through so many different filtration systems, over such a long distance.

So there you have it! StonerMountain’s Eight Step Guide to help you buy the perfect bong. We hope it’s been useful, but if you still have any queries at all about how to find the ideal water pipe, please get in touch and we’ll try our best to help.

Wait! I have a question now! What would you suggest is the perfect bong? 

Aha, well, you’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll be divulging our top three bongs based on all the information in this guide very shortly, so stay tuned!