Dealing With Dimensions

different shapes and sizes

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So you’re about to set off and buy yourself a new bong, fantastic news! But how do you know you’re going to get the most out of your new piece? You may already know what kind of smoking experience you want, but you’re just not sure how to replicate it in a glass pipe. You may even be a complete bong beginner. Regardless, researching bongs on the web is a great way to discover a treasure trove of phenomenal pieces. But remember, when perusing the internet on your quest to find your perfect water pipe, reviews can only get you so far because the information you pick up from them is a bit redundant if you don’t know much about bong anatomy. But don’t fret! StonerMountain is here to help. Our series of handy little guides will teach you everything you need to know about how water pipes work. You’ll be able to take all the information you’ve learned from us, and from the countless bong reviews you’ve read, to find your smoking hot soulmate.

Today, we’re dealing with dimensions.

Does the size and shape of a bong tube really make a difference?


The general size and shape of a bong can effect a stoner’s smoking experience in many ways, from the drag to comfort levels. You can get surprisingly potent hits from diddy water pipes, and you can get pathetic tokes from larger ones,  although, we have heard tell that at least one stoner has managed to get high from a 6-foot tall water pipe… They thought they were a walrus afterwards, but they managed it.

So what should you look for when it comes to dimensions? Sensibly, you should want something that’s practical, i.e. a reasonably sized bong which you’re not going to knock over, and one which means you don’t leave the bong water festering for eons because you can’t be bothered to clean it. Undoubtedly, you’re also going to want a piece which packs a punch. So here’s our advice, and remember, we can’t promise that your new bong will make you so high that you start feeling like a large, lumbering, smelly animal!


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What dimensions to look out for

The thinner the tube, the easier it is to get a good bong rip. The longer the tube, the cooler your hit will be. As a general rule, don’t buy anything smaller than 6 inches tall, and don’t buy a bong taller than 18 inches, unless you’re a veteran stoner who has a huge set of lungs and can clear a chamber without needing to chase the ghost. Anything taller than this will be harder to store, harder to clean, and it won’t really make your hits any smoother. In fact, it’ll  just make you light headed after taking so many breaths to clear the chamber.

You should also be on the look out for a bong that has less than a two-inch opening. We’ll go into more details about this further along in our bong buying guide, but to sum it up, the smaller the opening, the easier it is to make a nice, tight seal around the mouthpiece so that you can draw in more air from the bowl.

Does the style of bong matter?

Not really.

Each style of bong, no matter how tall, wide, or how intricate, will give you as smooth a hit as possible. But not all bongs are created equal…

Bong Types

Straight water pipes are a popular choice among stoners, and this type of bong, made in the US, is way more durable than any other glass. What makes this type of bong so special is its functionality. Simple to use, effective, and a doddle to clean. If you’re looking for a consistent and reliable smoke, the straight-tube bong is ideal for you. The smoking experience can be cool, but it depends entirely on the length of the tube, remember, the longer the smoke has to travel before reaching your lungs, the better.

Angled bongs provide a more easygoing experience. You get lighter, bubblier smoking sessions due to intricate percolators which are usually loaded into this type of piece, and they’re much easier to hold. They offer a much smoother hit than a straight bong.

Custom bongs are quirky, complex, and beautiful pieces, typically created with recyclers, two or more chambers are connected so the smoke passing through them becomes more refined, and a lot cooler on the lungs. With this style, the length of the tube doesn’t do all the hard work of filtering and cooling down your smoke, in this type of pipe the chambers and filtration systems take over, so you’ll be on the way to Coolsmokesville in no time flat.

Now, we’re not stylists, but if you want our advice, we suggest going for a custom water pipes, and there’s plenty of them to choose from because they’re booming in the glass-blowing industry right now. Their dimensions and designs give the stoner both a smooth bong rip and something beautiful to behold. If you can afford a piece like this, one that’s less than 18 inches tall and has an opening less than 2 inches wide, totally go for it. It’ll be a welcome addition to your collection.  However, if money is tight, you can never go wrong with buying a good, old-fashioned straight water pipe.

In our next lesson, we’ll be “Getting down with the downstem”. Class dismissed!